Simply put, AuctionNinja is the most user friendly auction & estates inventory
management software available to the estate sale industry.

One Package, Multiple Benefits!

  • Created by estate sale professionals for estate sale professionals!
  • AuctionNinja allows you to reach beyond your estate sale's geographic region
  • AuctionNInja's Marketplace (our extensive registered & vetted bidder base)
  • Customers may now purchase via your online listings
  • Professional-looking emails promoting auctions to the AuctionNinja customer base
  • Reporting capabilities allow you to easily present details to your clients, consigners, & customers

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Intuitive Design

AuctionNinja knows that easy-to-use
sites get the most visits & use.

... Its intuitive design allows users
to easily complete tasks.

AuctionNinja understands the needs of your
estate sale business & your clients/customers.

... AuctionNinja was designed by estate sale
professionals for estate sale professionals.


The Marketplace (registered & vetted bidders)

Total mobility ... any time ... anywhere ... any device

Turnkey (website, email & inventory management)

Easy to use, intuitive design

Secure, password encrypted technology 

Fully professional & customizable

Inventory management with photo uploads & storage

Manage email blasts to your client lists 

Photo exports

Real-time website auctions

U.S. based technical support; 24/7

Reports (inventory, sales, tax, customer, etc.)

Automatic system improvements and updates

No clunky software downloads

Choose a theme and pricing that suits you!

AuctionNinja is customizable and always affordable!


AuctionNinja lets you keep your business' identity ... your logo, your name, & your contact info ...

... all packaged into a professional, easy to use website that your customers are going to return to time and time again.
Choose from a variety of templates and color palettes to customize the look you want for your business. Choose from over 15 colors!



AuctionNinja knows that you want flexibility in your business. Our easy monthly subscription-based options plus a low per auction commission keeps your expenses in check and gives you complete flexibility. As your business grows, there is no need to upgrade to a more expensive plan, it's all worked into the low commission rate.



Simple, Up-front Pricing!




$19 p/mo. + 2% of Sales

There is a one-time Set-up & Registration fee of $250 that occurs prior to AuctionNinja account activation.

Upon completion of the set-up process, billing for the monthly subscription at the rate of $19, plus a 2% commission on sales will begin.


One-time Set-up Fee Covers:

Customer support for initial set-up

Online payment system navigation & set-up

Merchant account integration & set-up (allows for credit card sales)

Site template assistance

Technical support during set-up

Implementation & launch support

Covers fees imposed upon AuctionNinja by third-parties (SSL certification, dedicated IP address, banks, system servers, email servers, etc.)


Monthly Subscription Includes:

Unlimited auctions

Cloud-based photo storage & inventory management

Auto debit (your customers are billed immediately at close of auction) which means you don't have to worry about collections

Easy back-end management

Fully customizable templates

Reports designed for the estate sales industry

Professional email capabilities with up to 2000 automated emails p/month (outbid notifications, winning bidder, invoices, etc.)

Flexibility for slower months or time off

Low commission so you keep more in your pocket

Technical support 24/7

Free updates


$19 p/month is auto-debited upon completion of AuctionNinja's portion of the site set-up and will be auto-debited each month thereafter.

2% commission is debited monthly from your account within the first ten (10) business days of next month and is based on successfully sold and paid items only.

By registering for AuctionNinja you agree to AuctionNinja's Authorization Agreement and opt-in to receive emails from AuctionNinja.



Setting up an AuctionNinja account couldn't be easier.  Click and get ready to